DESYNCHED - Time is broken

  • is a top-down 2-player online co-op adventure game, set in a world in which space-time itself has been tampered with. Grab a friend, and play as both a 
  • grumpy Cowboy from the 18th century, who finds himself overwhelmed with the vast technological advances suddenly introduced into his world, and a 
  • young Cyborg from a dystopian, far away future, who welcomes the escape from her reality, as she can now finally explore the past she read so much about!

The Fax: 

  • Players: 2, online or LAN required 
  • Genre: Co-op / Top-Down / Adventure / Puzzle / Time Manipulation /
  • Setting: Sci-Fi / Alternate History
  • Platforms: PC (for now) 
  • Release date: yes

The Deets:

  • Fast paced, real time combat, as well as real-time combat (you read that right!)
  • Immersive story, as each character sees and experiences the world through a slightly different lens.
  • "Desynch" and cooperate from different points in time. Team up with your friend! Team up with your past self! Team up with your friend's past self! Have your past self team up with - get the idea.
  • Affect the present by changing the past: Ally down? Travel back in time and disarm your opponent before he get's the chance to fire a single bullet. Revolver takes too long to reload? Just send it back before it fired any shots. Regretting an unfortunate take-out food experience? Well, sorry, can't help you there, but now you know better! 
  •  Lasers, Guns, Explosions, Excitement?! 
  • A lasso
  • Travel to historically significant locations and.. go nuts? Who cares, time is already messed up!
  • Co-op puzzles! Time puzzles! Puzzles where each player only sees part of the .. uh.. puzzle. Communcation communication communication!* 
  • Witty dialogue! (well, if this list is anything to go by)
  • Pixel perfect graphics!